Welcome back guys! So my last post got a little touchy and you might think it’s TMI but since I’ve always been transparent with you all, it was necessary to not only share the great bits of my life but also the sad ones too. But anywho, I have bounced back to my old self and we have a fun, sporty outfit inspiration waiting for you here. So let’s get talking?

Summer’s here and I stocked up on my short skirts and my crop tops and this time I found really good stuff in the stores. Crazy sales and clearance are filling up the malls with people and I was one of them! I tired shopping for colour and prints and avoided the dull and dead pieces. Created this look for you that I like to call ‘sporty chic’ because it is as feminine as it can get with the skirt & cropped top yet it exudes a more masculine and active vibe with its colour and detailing.

The goal was to create something off-beat without it screaming out the theme and just giving people the idea (illusion) of being a sport. Ok that sounded a bit deep… Keep in mind that the colour scheme was kept bright but the reason it doesn’t look loud is because there are lighter and darker colours balancing out the outfit. The look is cohesive at sight as there is a hint of red on the top from the skirt and hint of blue on the skirt from the top making it look appealing to the eye. What makes the outfit look so fashionable is the velvet bomber. How? Well it’s simple. By adding a fabric that isn’t actually anywhere in the dress, you are giving a contrast which in a way get’s the look together. There’s a thin line here, so it’s safe to keep your contrast element close to the colour family of the rest of the dress.

Don’t worry guys; it’s a bit too much to learn at once, that’s why I’m here! I want you all to discover more in fashion than just what meets the eye. Although if you want to embrace a sporty look in a simpler way, then just throw on a basic white tee with funky athleisure legging/joggers and try the hairstyle I have on. Accessorize with sneakers, fun sunglasses and boom, you’re good to go!

I hope I helped you in some way here…I think I should break down every look just like this for you. What would you like? Let me know!

See you soon my loves!


P.S : We were shooting at this amazing location in Lokhandwala called ‘Acqua Caelum” and I recommend you to try their pasta. It’s mind blowing! I’m a tough food critic so if it’s coming from me then it better be good. 

Asos Petite Halter crop

Forever 21 stretch skirt

Spring Break Bomber jacket

Adidas originals Superstar Sneakers

Location Courtesy : Acqua Caelum, Andheri (w)